Frederickville’s Upcoming 75th Anniversary Celebration Overshadowed by Mutant Ant Reports

FREDERICKVILLE GAZETTE EXCLUSIVE Frederickville, USA – The Upcoming 75th Anniversary Celebration this weekend has been on the forefront of Mayor Rica Charles’s agenda for nearly a year. Until today. ‘First a gang of frogs looting Southtown,’ she told this reporter. ‘Then those Amphibimen. Now giant ants? Isn’t being concerned with fireworks, Port-Y-Pots, and the weather […]

Working on a comic book is still work, he whined…

I’m at my favorite/most annoying point in the comic: assembling the pieces of art, and combining them with the backgrounds. (If I had more patience, I’d go ahead with a cartoon.) All of the sketches are coming together to actually tell a story! If it sounds chaotic, welcome to the way I work. In my […]

The DC Relaunch: Deal With It!

My opinions here. Not Hal’s, not Amphibimen Comics LLC, not your Aunt Gertrude’s that I supposedly overheard at work. To disagree is to invite…unpleasant things…upon ye. The DC Comics line is getting a complete makeover, starting with its September titles. Many storylines will be completely erased, as will some of the faces behind the masks […]

Southtown and Amphibians: a Strange History

From the Frederickville Gazette: Southtown and Amphibians: a Strange History FREDERICKVILLE, USA – It has been a strange month for the residents of Frederickville, to say the least. The crime spree of the Princess and her Bofu Troops had many people thinking twice about visiting the Southtown section of the city, where the telepathically-controlled Bofu […]

Artist's rendition of the Amphibimen, based on an eyewitness account

Who Are The Amphibimen?

WHO ARE THE AMPHIBIMEN? Frederickville Gazette Exclusive! Frederickville, USA – Town Marshal William Mavrick just looks away and frowns at the mention of the name. “It’s just…abnormal,” he eventually mumbles. “I went into Law Enforcement to protect people from …PEOPLE. Not…” A pause. His face tightens. “Not from frogs.” And apparently not to be assisted […]

Peer Support

At least one day off from the Day Job a week, I pack up the art stuff and set up camp at my favorite coffee shop, Cafe di Luna. There is great coffee, eclectic background music, and the art and books of local creators lining the side tables and walls. (If you’re in Harrisburg, PA, […]

On the Origin of Amphibians

(I had originally posted this maybe half a year ago. I’m putting it back up, if only for its ‘historical’ value.) My recollection of the events leading up to Amphibiman’s origin differ somewhat from my esteemed partner’s. Or maybe it’s that I came at it from a different angle, with the point of convergence being […]

Welcome to the Amphibiverse!

A lot of you have become our Facebook fans out of your friendship to Hal and/or myself, or through a mutual friend’s suggestion. Thank you very much for your support, sight unseen, of what we’re cooking up. Of course, there are probably less than ten of you who actually has any idea what this is […]

Web Store Updated (And Functional)

The wonderful thing about using WordPress for your website is that there are several thousand plugins that will help you build or extend just about any function you can imagine. The downside is that there are about eleven pages of documentation and best practices, total, for all of those plugins. After a bit of tweaking […]

Amphibimen Comics Store is Open

We are open for business. As of about an hour ago, the offiicial Amphibimen Comics Store is stocked with five different t-shirt designs featuring Amphibiman himself, Tad, Dr. Buzzar and Rana Girl, Evil Dr. Toad and Thanatoad. Characters are available on black shirts (with thoroughly cool, washing machine safe silver ink) or green with black […]