Southtown and Amphibians: a Strange History

From the Frederickville Gazette:

Southtown and Amphibians: a Strange History

FREDERICKVILLE, USA – It has been a strange month for the residents of Frederickville, to say the least. The crime spree of the Princess and her Bofu Troops had many people thinking twice about visiting the Southtown section of the city, where the telepathically-controlled Bofu perpetrated their robberies.

Sharing its border with the Frederickville Swamp and surrounding forest, in turn intersected by the Lesser Piney River, seems to lend itself to all things frog-like. It is a preferred area for hikers and cyclists from both Frederickville’s resident population and the students at the University.

Until recently.

‘I can understand people being nervous,’ said Napoleon Vincent, Dean of the Jedediah Neil Frederick III Sciences College, at Frederickville University. ‘Anyone wishing to use the University’s running track and bicycle paths is welcome to do so.’

And here is where our current criminal frog infestation intersects with Frederickville’s history. The aforementioned J.N. Frederick III, Doctor of Herpetology, disappeared under mysterious circumstances from his home in Southtown some twenty years ago. Police reports and newspaper articles from that time make several mentions of criminal activities blamed on unlawful amphibians. While a direct connection between these events has never been proven, rumors have persisted.

Older residents of the town remember the stories. ‘We stuffed blankets under our doors to keep any frogs out,’ said one Southtowner, who asked to remain anonymous. ‘We even put cinderblocks on the toilet seats at night! Just in case.

‘My kids used to laugh at these stories,’ he continued. ‘Not so much now.’

And once again, the residents of Southtown, and all of Frederickville, are leery of anything that goes ‘RIBBIT’ in the night.

– Erik J Nielsen, Frederickville Gazette Staff Reporter

“J.F.B.” – K. Torp

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