Welcome to the Amphibiverse!

A lot of you have become our Facebook fans out of your friendship to Hal and/or myself, or through a mutual friend’s suggestion. Thank you very much for your support, sight unseen, of what we’re cooking up. Of course, there are probably less than ten of you who actually has any idea what this is about.

Tonight, I’ll try and fix that.

The Amphibimen are a team of frogs, a lizard, a mudpuppy, insects, and a rat, acting as protectors of the Frederickville Valley. A few of them are transformed humans; all have been affected by a mysterious mixture of formulae, which has caused much of the local fauna to gain human-level intelligence.

How all of this came to be will be dealt with in the Origin Issue (which will soon be available right here) and Issue Two (which is taking shape nicely, thank you).

Frederick University is situated in the town of Frederickville, which in turn is in the middle of the Frederickville Valley. This is located somewhere along the border between Pennsylvania (my current home) and New Jersey (where I spent my ‘deformative’ years).

There is a field outside of Frederickville, near a stream. In this field there is a rock, and upon this rock sits Professor Neil. There is more to this humble frog than is at first apparent; this rock is also out of the ordinary: it is a dimensional bridge between Frederickville, the mystical Dank Zone, and Autronos: Planet of the Amphibians.

The surrounding forests, fields, lakes, river, and streams contain newly-intelligent life forms, due to the actions of the Evil Dr Toad. Some of these creatures are benign, while others…are not.

This is where we’re starting from. Hang on: it should be a fun ride!

“J.F.B.” – K. Torp

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