Working on a comic book is still work, he whined…

I’m at my favorite/most annoying point in the comic: assembling the pieces of art, and combining them with the backgrounds. (If I had more patience, I’d go ahead with a cartoon.) All of the sketches are coming together to actually tell a story!

If it sounds chaotic, welcome to the way I work. In my defense, I follow a page-by page outline of each book, tailoring the art to what’s called for. I draw a bunch of character art, which are grouped into sequences. These become panels, fit together so each page stands alone while still advancing the story.

Sometimes, this can get annoying.

I’m finding myself forced to alter the outline to accommodate the story! The Ultimate Amphibian sequence is being forced out, to make room for more Evil Dr Toad! I’d already drawn the full sequence of everyone’s favorite enigmatic Amphibian Of Tomorrow. He looks exactly the way I want, and he’ll have to wait for Issue Three.

The aforementioned EDT was already scheduled to appear in Issue 2. There’s more of his character to explore, and he sets up the action for Issue 3 (which he is also has at least three flippers in). I’d allotted three pages for him…and he’s demanded four, to do him justice.

Why another page? There’s the introduction of EDT’s secret lair, the headquarters of Toadware, inc. We also get to meet EDT’s lab assistant, Hubert the Toady. And the unveiling of Issue 3’s baddies, Amphibitech 1.0!

EDT grudgingly shares the issue with its stars, the mystic Amphibimen, Dr Buzzar and RanaGirl; and the issue’s baddie, Lord Froggon, usurping ruler of the mystic amphibious dimension known as the Dank Zone. I have just enough room to tell that story, and still accommodate the Mutant Ant Fight with A-Man and company.

I’ve also resolved to have a letters/next issue page, still my favorite feature in the mainstream books. So, another page spoken for.

Something had to go.

Anyway, the Ultimate Amphibian has waited 20 years to return to Earth, he added cryptically: what’s another few months?

“J.F.B.” – K. Torp

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