About Amphibimen Comics

Amphibimen Comics is the by-product of a friendship that has lasted from 6th grade into middle age.  Erik Nielsen is the creative power, writer, artist, watercolor expressionist and father of the frogs and their friends.  Hal Stern met Erik in 6th grade and has been fascinated by comics, comic books and publishing since forever.  Hal’s end of the business is running the blog, the Facebook page (“like” us or Evil Dr. Toad will come-a-callin), doing content management, handling the business operations and answering email.

3 responses to “About Amphibimen Comics”

  1. Erik

    What’s ‘content management’? No boobies?

  2. Rusty Gilligan

    Really cute artwork – I hope that you go far with this… I’ll friend you on FB too.


  3. Rosa

    My you have been a busy boy since the last time we spoke!

    What FANTASTIC stuff Erik! I am so proud of you.

    Gee, I have all these Frogman and Tad doodles from the 70’s safely stored away. I wonder what they will be worth in 20 years? Will some of them having been drawn on the backs of bank envelopes influence the sale price at auction? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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