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Frederickville’s Upcoming 75th Anniversary Celebration Overshadowed by Mutant Ant Reports

FREDERICKVILLE GAZETTE EXCLUSIVE Frederickville, USA – The Upcoming 75th Anniversary Celebration this weekend has been on the forefront of Mayor Rica Charles’s agenda for nearly a year. Until today. ‘First a gang of frogs looting Southtown,’ she told this reporter. ‘Then those Amphibimen. Now giant ants? Isn’t being concerned with fireworks, Port-Y-Pots, and the weather […]

Southtown and Amphibians: a Strange History

From the Frederickville Gazette: Southtown and Amphibians: a Strange History FREDERICKVILLE, USA – It has been a strange month for the residents of Frederickville, to say the least. The crime spree of the Princess and her Bofu Troops had many people thinking twice about visiting the Southtown section of the city, where the telepathically-controlled Bofu […]

Artist's rendition of the Amphibimen, based on an eyewitness account

Who Are The Amphibimen?

WHO ARE THE AMPHIBIMEN? Frederickville Gazette Exclusive! Frederickville, USA – Town Marshal William Mavrick just looks away and frowns at the mention of the name. “It’s just…abnormal,” he eventually mumbles. “I went into Law Enforcement to protect people from …PEOPLE. Not…” A pause. His face tightens. “Not from frogs.” And apparently not to be assisted […]