Crap with no other home. The junk that lives on the unloved end of your desk, opposite your weaker hand.

Peer Support

At least one day off from the Day Job a week, I pack up the art stuff and set up camp at my favorite coffee shop, Cafe di Luna. There is great coffee, eclectic background music, and the art and books of local creators lining the side tables and walls. (If you’re in Harrisburg, PA, […]

On the Origin of Amphibians

(I had originally posted this maybe half a year ago. I’m putting it back up, if only for its ‘historical’ value.) My recollection of the events leading up to Amphibiman’s origin differ somewhat from my esteemed partner’s. Or maybe it’s that I came at it from a different angle, with the point of convergence being […]

Welcome to the Amphibiverse!

A lot of you have become our Facebook fans out of your friendship to Hal and/or myself, or through a mutual friend’s suggestion. Thank you very much for your support, sight unseen, of what we’re cooking up. Of course, there are probably less than ten of you who actually has any idea what this is […]

Finding A Voice

Erik related our text and email conversations about “learning to draw” and my retort that he’s always known how to draw. Drawing, like writing, is as much muscle memory and mechanical as it is creative, expressive and personal. Anyone with a keyboard (or pen) can write words; anyone can turn those words into a story. […]

Tag Lines and Eyebrows

I’ve always enjoyed creative tag lines – those catchy, literal one-liners that try to bottle your intent in a single phrase. Atlantic City had a great one – “America’s Playground” – and there’s always “You loved it as a kid, you’ll trust it as a mother.” I don’t remember what the latter was about, but […]

Introducing Amphibimen Comics

Short form: My friend Erik and I both have day jobs, but have talked for years about starting our own comics business. He’s the artistic one, the creative spirit, and knows his way around the watercolor aisle. I’m the nerd, the sci-fi hound, the content and distribution planner, the business guy, and the annoying manager […]