Trading Cards

Perhaps it was growing up in the golden era of Topps baseball cards, pre-Internet and ESPN and fantasy leagues, or perhaps it is an offshoot of an obsessive-compulsive need to catalog, count and sort our stuff, but we’re both fascinated by trading cards. They’re the business cards for people you’ve never met (but wish you had, especially if they’re the inahbitants of fantasy realms).

Here’s the first set of Amphibimen Trading Cards. We’ll do some nice heavy stock prints of these, but for now you can meet the cast of characters that inhabit our own pasteboard empire. Click on the thumbnails below for a larger version or to download the full 2400×3000 images.

7 responses to “Trading Cards”

  1. Amphibimen Trading Cards Set One

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  2. Beverly Stern

    Hard to pick just one–they are all fantastic. Of course my pick would be “Neil the Frog” for sentimental reasons.

  3. erik

    Why thank you, Mrs Stern! :-)

  4. ursula sturms-papp

    Firefrog and, of course, Neil! I am stunned and this is beautiful!!

  5. Rusty Gilligan

    Cute cards !
    Neil the Frog and The Evil Dr Toad are great, the poses are hysterical !


  6. ursula

    I suppose you have already thought of a Tarot deck????

    1. erik

      I tried to do the Major Arcana once, 25 years ago, back before I had all of these new characters. Now that I do… Let me get issue 2 done first!

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